about me

I’m one of those people who writes more than I talk. I might be sitting there in silence but my head is raging with words and thoughts and ideas.

Like tiny notes fluttering around the sky. 

I’m trying to capture them in my net so I can string together a song of my own.

I’m always writing, even when I’m not. 

And it’s been an ongoing process ever since I was 13.

My dive into a career as a professional writer was somewhat delayed, however.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to get my feet wet earlier, it was that I had other ambitions. 

I was a competitive distance runner throughout my 20s, and the pursuit opened many doors for me as a writer — I was surrounded by a slew of Olympic distance runners in the Boulder, Colorado area. 

My intro into the world of words came in a time of injury. 

In a brief time off from training, I turned my attention to the pen to release my pent-up creative energy.

So, I began writing dramatic tales of runners in the Boulder area. 

Like most writers, the first byline I ever had was as a freelancer.

The initial dribble of words found their way to Competitor Magazine, ESPN, Colorado Runner, and eventually led me west, to Gunnison, Colorado, where I took a position as the Sports Editor at the Gunnison Country Times.

In Gunnison I covered every sport from middle school gymnastics to collegiate football.  

After several years deep in the Colorado Rockies, I headed back to the Front Range.

I took a position as the Desk Editor at the Aurora Sentinel, but my heart was always in creative wordplay, and I yearned to put my pen to the page as a creator again.

I dove back into freelancing, writing for MileSplit — a premier cross country and track and field website. 

I eventually took the position as Editor for MileSplit Colorado, writing stories, taking photos, and covering weekly events. It was combining two of my great passions: running, and writing. 

Cue: Bolder Dreams. 

COVID-19 was a blessing in disguise — it provided me with the time I needed to complete my debut novel.

Like my two passions, Bolder Dreams combined many elements of my own experience as a competitive runner into a stylish fictional tale. 

It was published September 2020. 

Since then my fingers haven’t stopped — if anything, a rhythm was created. 

I finished my second novel of 2020 this past December.

“Writing is like running, or surfing, or painting — the best of it requires an almost detached flow. You wake up afterwards wondering who wrote the words on the page, asking yourself: Did I fall asleep?”