The morning joggers were out as usual.

Those florescent tights and shirts and hats and socks glimmering underneath the Colorado sun. Runners in Hokas, Boosts, Five Fingers.

In Boulder everyone works out in the morning.

Running the iconic trails barefoot. Riding on $8,000 Trek bikes. Hiking the Flatirons in Oboz and an “authentic” walking stick from REI purchased for $90. Hundred-dollar yoga classes with chia seeds and fro-yo.

Whatever it is, in Boulder, you do it in the morning so you have something to brag about the rest of the day. Winner gets to gloat until tomorrow morning, when everyone gets up to do it all over again.

The South Boulder Creek trail had that usual hum that accompanies a highway—only with runners. Groups of twos and threes jogged on lightly, and then there’s that occasional pack of a dozen or more from one of the many post-collegiate Boulder training groups that use that coveted “Boulder” tag in their group name like it’s unique.

Oh, we’re so clever.

We’ll do the time-honored low-key wave or gentle nod as we cross paths.

Occasionally I’ll pass a beefy Crossfitter with headphones and tattoos or a buff mother with veins streaking down her arms pushing a baby stroller.

We’re all passing cars on the highway to nirvana, or something like that.


Yeah, it’s a little different from everywhere else. It’s its own unique bubble of Red Bull-pumping fitness freaks and soul-searchers. If you don’t work out, you don’t exist.

And me?

I was one of them.

— Bolder Dreams

Reminiscent of “Once a Runner,” the great 1978 cult classic that inspired a generation of competitive runners, “Bolder Dreams” beautifully captures the gawky geekiness of the passionate high school runner searching for excellence and adolescent self-awareness. Bobby Reyes nails the unique camaraderie that exists within a cross country team, vividly depicting its power to create lifelong memories like no other sport. Amusing, thoughtful and poignant, “Bolder Dreams” will be deeply evocative for anyone who loves competitive running. I couldn’t wait to find out if Baxter won the race of his life, and I was rooting for him.”

— John Meyer, The Denver Post

“Few books about running capture high school athletics, and life inside the hallways, so perfectly, and in Bolder Dreams, Mr. Reyes’s fictional portrayal of one runner’s quest for that elusive win, he does just that, writing an engrossing novel that keeps you hooked from start to finish. It’s the kind of book you don’t want to put away at first read.”

– Cory Mull, MileSplit USA senior editor

“I’ve been familiar with Bobby’s work for years. He is passionate about running. The sport comes alive in his writing because he has lived it. Bolder Dreams serves an inspiration to anyone who competes at a high level, or runs to stay in shape. Bobby’s stories – they are not all about running – are unique and work well in pulling the reader into his unique and crazy world. This is a one-of-a-kind book and definitely should be added to every runner’s home library.”

– Danny Summers, The Gazette

Bolder Dreams follows the ups and downs of a cross country season – the thrill of victory, the frustration of loss, and the enduring pursuit of perfection: capturing a state title.

The story follows Baxter Reeves, a typical high school teenager, though his goals aren’t so typical. He’s one of the best cross country runners in the state of Colorado, and he has ambitions to be a state champion. A feat of which he hopes to win the affections of all of those around him.

But any race worth winning isn’t that easy.

Fortunately Baxter’s got a crew of unique friends to help him through the most challenging cross country season of his life, as well as a coach who serves as his mentor.

There are those blood-pumping mile repeats, enduring tempo runs, and of course, late-night shenanigans with friends.

Bolder Dreams is about many things, but if you’re a fan of running — or have followed my writing on MileSplit in particular, this book is for you. 


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